Foil Stamping

Maximum Size :182 x 226mm
Foil stamping is available in any one of the following colours:  Gold, Silver, Black, Green, and White.

In addition to your file for print, you will need to provide a foil mask file.  The mask file, similar to a Spot UV mask file, should be black and white only.  The black area will represent where you want the foil stamping to be placed. Please make sure that your black is C=0. M=0. Y=0. K=100.

Please note, you can select either Foil Stamping or Spot UV, you cannot select both on the same side of an item. However, they can be selected for opposite sides of the same item.

Be advised that there may be up to a 1/16" variance on the placement of the foil as the cards are stamped after printing and cutting.  Be aware of this if attempting to align foil with other printed artwork on the card.

Foil may "bleed" off the edge of the card.