Privacy Policy
(Last updated on 27/5/11)
  1. MyOnlinePrinting collects information to process your order, guide and enhance your online experience and to supply you with information in which you have expressed an interest.

  2. You can edit your account details such as email address at any time.

  3. When you sign up we collect name and address, telephone, email address and password. This provides us with default details for your order processing and sets up security - so viewing of your account details, designs and order history is password protected.

  4. To help you choose the right product and design to suit your purpose/business we ask you to make selections and choices - Only the design details are collected if you choose to save or order.

  5. When you order we allocate you a capture order details to process and fulfill your order. Invoicing address and shipping address are retained when you register as a customer so you do not have to enter them again. Order details are retained so you can view your order history.

  6. When you enter credit card details you are in communication over a secure link with a direct merchant system operated by our appointed merchant. They retain details of the credit card transaction but not MyOnlinePrinting. You must enter the details for each purchase for security reasons.

  7. To serve you better we may ask you for feedback about our service and your business. Supply of this information other then those that state otherwise is optional and not mandatory.

  8. If you do not wish to receive any notifications and updates regarding MyOnlinePrinting’s promotions and son on, you may unsubscribe to our mailing list at any time.

  9. Cookies - We use cookies to personalise your interface with the site. They are small packets of data stored by your browser on your computer’s hard drive to identify yourself to us. Your browser may have a feature to disable cookies or you can delete them if you wish and your interface will not be severely restricted.

  10. We are interested in your comments and will be pleased to answer any questions concerning our privacy policy. Click “CONTACT US” on our Site to email your enquiries and comments to our customer service team.
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