About us
(Last updated on 09/03/11)
  • We are a printing company dedicated to providing customers with a low cost and high quality online printing service. To make the ordering process simpler and faster, we have developed a powerful but easy-to-use online ordering system that allows customers to play with their printing designs, paper type, sizes, finishes, design features and quantities, while receiving instant pricing quotes for the modifications. We are able to offer extremely competitive prices for our customers by integrating our cloud accounting system with a number of industrial printing services, resulting in huge printing efficiency and cost savings for the customer. Through our system you will also save time and effort by never needing to wait for emailed quotes or worry about asking too many design/price questions. Just check our website to get free instant prices.
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  • Our main objective is customer satisfaction. It is the focus of our business to provide customers with exceptional service at low costs and on schedule. Our team is always available to make sure that your job runs perfectly through our entire process - from ordering to delivery.